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Dr. Esmaeil Jorjani is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Mining Engineering-Mineral Processing in the Mining Engineering Department at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), which is known as one of the most prestigious Mining Engineering Departments in Iran. He initiated his doctoral studies in 1998 at the Tehran Science and Research Branch of Azad University (TSRBAU) and also served as a faculty member. After defending his Ph.D. dissertation in 2003, he continued his work as an Assistant Professor and became an Associate Professor in 2009. During his work as a faculty member at TSRBAU (1998‐2016), he taught various graduate-level courses, including Fundamentals of Hydrometallurgy and the associated Laboratory, Advanced Hydrometallurgy, Biohydrometallurgy, Principles of Designing Mineral Processing Plant, Coal Preparation, and Environmental Engineering. He has also supervised approximately 50 Master’s and Ph.D. students in developing novel theses to address the pressing problems in the coal, copper, rare earth elements, alumina, iron, zinc, lead, gold, and potash industries. Some of the sectors that collaborated with Dr. Jorjani and his graduate students were the Sarcheshmeh & Sungun Copper Complexes; the Chadormalu Iron Ore & Apatite Concentrator Plant (Rare Earth Elements production project); Jajarm Bauxite Mine and Alumina Production Plant; the Sebandan gold project; the Tabas, Zarand, and Central Alborz Coal Deposits and Preparation Plants; the Khor and Biabanak Potash Project; the Sangan Iron Ore EPCM project; the Razgah Nepheline Syenite (alumina production) EPCM project; and KaniKavan Shargh Engineering Company. He also assumed substantial responsibility for advancing a successful project (Rare Earth Elements R & D Gaps Analysis) for Natural Resources Canada. 
The results of the industry-oriented research projects have been published in more than 50 papers in reputable journals, such as Hydrometallurgy, Minerals Engineering, Fuel, Fuel Processing Technology, and the International Journal of Coal Geology. Dr. Jorjani and his associates also presented numerous papers at international conferences.

Since January 2017, Dr. Jorjani has been working as an independent Hydrometallurgist and as the owner of DHE Minerals. His clients have included various major established mining, exploration, and engineering companies and newly developing companies throughout Canada and internationally.

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