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Selected Projects Supervised or Conducted

Base metals & gold industries

  • Literature review of “Gold leaching from ores using biogenic lixiviants”. 

  • Indirect bioleaching in the heap leach No.1 of the Sarcheshmeh copper mine

  • Formation of jarosite and its effect on important ions for Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans bacteria, Sarcheshmeh low-grade copper ore

  • Bioleaching of Sarcheshmeh copper flotation concentrate. 

  • Chloride leaching of Sarcheshmeh copper flotation concentrate. 

  • Optimization of reagent dosages in the rougher flotation circuit of the Sungun copper concentrator plant to increase copper recovery. 

  • Bioleaching of Talmesi poly-metal (Cu, Co, Ni) ore.

  • Occurrence mechanism of silicate and aluminosilicate minerals in Sarcheshmeh copper flotation concentrate. 

  • Leaching of Co, Ni and Zn from Zarin Rooy cold filter cake residue.

  • Optimization of flotation variables to decrease aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide in the copper-molybdenum flotation concentrate at the Sarcheshmeh mine. 

  • Effects of soluble ions in the chloride leach solution on the leaching of lead from the cake residue of the zinc hydrometallurgical process. 

  • Optimization of gold cyanidation (Sebandoon ore sample). 

  • Optimization of flotation variables for Ravang (Block No. C) zinc and lead ore sample. 

  • Literature review of “Challenges with elemental sulfur removal during the leaching of copper and zinc sulfides, and in the residues”.

  • Literature review of “Hydrometallurgical Processing of Non-Sulfide Zinc Ores”. 

  • Modeling of Al2O3 leaching recovery in the Bayer process (Jajarm alumina plant). 

  • Beneficiation of Jajarm low-grade bauxite using gravity separation techniques and flotation. 

  • Process review of “Razgah nepheline syenite alumina production EPCM project”. 

Rare Earth Elements & Niobium industries

  • Rare earth elements R&D gaps analysis for the development of Canadian deposits, 2016. in Collaboration with Queen's University.

  • Flowsheet development for mixed rare earth elements production from apatite leaching aqueous solution using biosorption and precipitation

  • Rare Earth Elements distribution in products of the Chadormalu Iron Ore Concentrator Plant. 

  • Leaching of rare earth elements from Chadormalu apatite concentrate (laboratory scale). 

  • Production of rare earth elements from apatite leach liquor using tributyl phosphate (TBP) extraction and precipitation stripping using oxalic acid. 

  • Study of the surface chemistry of niobium and rare earth minerals by using XPS, TOF-SIMS, and SEM-EDX (Niobec plant). 

  • Separation of pyrochlore from other minerals by flotation (Niobec plant). 


Iron, Graphite & Coal Industries

  • Mathematical modeling to predict the properties of coal (Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI),  and Free Swelling Index (FSI)) based on the analyses of U.S. coals.

  • Mathematical modeling to predict the properties of coal (Calorific Value (CV), and Ash Fusion Temperatures (AFTs)) based on the analyses of U.S. coals. 

  • Determination of different forms of organic and inorganic sulfur in Tabas coal samples.

  • Evaluation of the effects of irradiation (ultrasound and microwave) on organic sulfur functionalities in coal using Atmospheric Pressure - Temperature Program Reduction.

  • Distributions of coal group macerals in different size fractions and their effect on a flotation system (Central Alborz coal mine). 

  • Production of ultra clean coal from concentrates produced at the Tabas and Central Alborz coal preparation plants using sequential leaching with HF followed by  HNO.

  • Beneficiation of Jalal Abad iron ore (ore type No. D2). 

  • Process review for the Sangan Iron Ore EPCM project. 

  • Literature review of “graphite beneficiation techniques”. 

  • Roasting and leaching of Woxana graphite to decrease sulfur and iron content to less than 0.5%. 


Potash industry

  • Extraction of KCl from Carnallite with a high concentration of sodium chloride as an impurity using decomposition-direct flotation.  

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